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Asks – Will Kadena Get Married?

Do you believe that before TBT have done their final season whenever that is? Kat and Adena will get Married? Who do you think will be the one to propose?

— asked by anonymous

Wow. Right now I can barely hope for them to actually get back together. From there to marriage there’s a long way to go. I mean, the show could make it happen if they wanted to. At this point it’s just hard to see a road to that.

Right now, I’m only counting on the last 6 episodes of Season 4 that are already filmed and will air in June.

Right now Kadena is in a weird place. Adena is obviously still in love and willing to be with Kat. Kat cares about Adena, but to be honest the passion that was so easy to see before it’s way muted now. In a way that at times makes me go, I guess they are only gonna be friends now.

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Asks – RJ’s daughter

Oh no, I read someone saying RJ’s daughter is going to be closeted queer and she’s going to date Kat. Do you think so? so much for Kadena being endgame, I’m heartbroken about this!

— asked by  anonymous

I think that’s just speculation. People interpret different things from the same content. The final scene of Kat running into her while leaving Safford and looking at each other. For me, that shot was setting up RJ’s daughter as his replacement at Scarlet’s board and the new antagonist for Kat/Scarlet. 

That’s obviously just my impression. I have no idea what’s gonna happen with Kadena, there’s always so little information to go on. So in that sense, as much as I hope they get them back together, I’m trying to keep my expectations low. 


Ask – Kadena at Suttard’s Wedding

How do you feel knowing that Kadena will be together in the wedding? Imagine the moment Sutton and Richard say “I do” and Adena and kat look at each other and aaaaaaahhh

 asked by  anonymous

If anything, they look amazing. Especially Kat. I don’t know what will happen, and I’m actually keeping my expectations low. But it’s great to know that Adena will be at the wedding, and maybe they will surprise us with at least something that hits at them getting together soon because the wait has been so long.


Ask – Kadena and Bisexuality

As a bi woman, I think people are missing the point of that convo with kat about her being bi. It’s obvious that it was to show Adena is still in love with kat and I understand how Adena is feeling. Kat is being shitty to her. I really only care about Adena in the show. I feel like they are going force kat into a relationship with this guy only for her to end up realizing she still wants Adena. I’m not sure what the point of bringing her back would be unless her and kat are endgame.

— asked by  anonymous

I still haven’t watched the episode, but from the opinions I’ve seen most people agree the intent was there, but they missed on delivery and some of the things they made Adena say where questionable.

Talking about biphobia is important, but using the only lesbian character the audience is invested in to be biphobic, even if unintentionally, was not the best idea. We are protective of Adena because we have seen her be attacked, called toxic, etc since the start of the show mostly because of thinly veiled islamophobia. The fact the show for the past 3 seasons hasn’t done the best job with her only adds to our protectiveness. Maybe if we didn’t have so much baggage it would be easier to let go or be less harsh of this unintentional mistake.

I don’t think they mean harm, they just used Adena to fill a storyline they wanted to explore without realizing, maybe, the nuances of Adena’s own character.

And the language used was not the best and it didn’t made clear that Adena is not biphobic, which is a shame as a lot of people may not be able to see past that.

All said, it was an unfortunate choice to make their one lesbian character act or look biphobic.

But in a way, and I know I’m gonna get trolls for this, I’m glad at least Adena is back and exploring issues, and part of the storyline. I think this will be an off moment, juts like Kat and Jane have had OCC moments too in the past, but having Adena back also gives them more chances to get it right, and I hope that’s the case with what’s left of the Season.

I’m also excited cause this seems to be setting up a deeper exploration of Adena’s point of view, which is something we had lacked for a long time.

As for your point. Yes, I’ve also seen comments saying it was clear Adena’s issues where about jealousy and feeling hurt by Kat dating someone and apparently being over her when Adena put herself out there at the end of S3 by telling Kat she wanted to try again.

And I’ve also seen people excited about how this sets up Kadena to get back together in future episodes. Honestly I don’t see them bringing Adena back if not for them to get together again, it wouldn’t make sense. We are just starting the road there and hopefully we will be there soon cause it’s been 84 years and it’s time.

I had a lot to say for someone that hasn’t watched the episode lol


So what about the strap fic for Kadena you currently working on? Can we have a sneak peek or know when its gonna drop?

— asked by  anonymous

Oh yeah! It’s gonna drop tomorrow around 11:00 a.m. or so. And as for a preview, here’s a little sneak peek.

On Friday evening Kat walked into her apartment to find Adena standing in front of her with a silky blue gown hanging from her shoulders, and a big, rainbow dildo, peeking from under it. 

Kat stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw Adena, almost forgetting to close the door before walking towards her girlfriend. As she got closer to Adena, Kat could see the other woman looking at her full of desire, but more than anything Adena had a determined look in her eyes. Gone was the usual warm Kat always saw reflected in Adena’s brown pupils. 


Ask – Marriage

Thank you for sharing the personal essay, I’ve been battling similar feelings but it’s nice to know I’m not alone in the feeling. I’m in my early 20’s and who knows what may change but I can’t at this point even imagine being where you are in your life. Congratulations on the engagement and I wish you love and prosperity x

— asked by  anonymous

Thank you for your nice message. If makes me so happy to hear that reading about my experience resonated with you. I’m always looking up and reading other people’s stories because they help me, give me hope and something to look forward to in many ways. Also, help me reflect on how much I’ve evolved too and how I’m in a better place now that I ever thought I would.

If my writing can do the same for someone else, I couldn’t be happier.

Love and prosperity for you too and if you ever need someone to talk to my ask box and messages are always open. One of my favorite things about being LGBT is our community, we can always find support in each other’s experiences. I’m happy to help any way I can.


Ask – Wedding

Also want to say that I’m very happy for you! And it’s very brave to do what you’re doing with a family who may not completely accept or understand. I hope your wedding is amazing and you deserve all the happiness

— asked by  andalitebandit

Thank you do much! Honestly I think may family is accepting, they are just the embodiment of that moment from One Day at a Time where everybody knows someone is gay but don’t mention it but they all still love the cousin? It’s just like that.

And honestly, we are Latinos. I’m sure they desire to party and gossip at the party would outweigh anything else :p

On a more serious note. It’s sobering to see how many people also have struggled with their LGBT identites and religious beliefs co-existing. And how some have broke away from it or been able to reconcile it.

Also, one sentence stood out from your other message “what I didn’t want was to follow the heteronormative patterns”. Preach. That’s exactly it.


sooo why is such a bad thing that we still support TBT? Is this an Adena thing or??

— asked by  hedabecca

Yeah. They said The Bold Type had no good lesbian representation and that Adena is only in “two” episodes. Which are valid criticisms, but the fact they used the word b**** and called us, me and my friends, fake lesbians didn’t help make their point.

I am not happy about the fact Adena is still not back, and that we don’t know in how many episodes she is going to be. I do still hate the way S2 went and the way the then showrunner and social media team treated us.

But I’ve also seen meaningful communication, a real effort to do better. And a real commitment to LGBT stories in the show, even if Adena not being back keeps being an issue.

I’m not going to fault anyone for giving up in the show. For deciding what they are doing is not enough for them or what they want. And I’m happy to share that point of view if done respectfully.


The bold type is a great show overall. However I have zero expectations when it comes to kat and Adena. It was ruined at the end of last season. I hate drama that is unnecessary. I do think based on the way the characters were written they are meant to be together. They went through so much together. Do you have high expectations for them moving forward?

— asked by anonymous

I understand not having high expectations about Kadena. After what has happened in last seasons. I, myself, am trying to manage my expectations.

The fact there’s a new showrunner that has been more open, and the quality of episodes this season so far make me hopeful that whatever we get for Kadena will be really good.

I guess, in general, ignoring season 2, what we get for Kadena it’s always high quality and really impactful, even if done in just a couple episodes. So I have high expectations for a quality storyline for them.

Where I keep my expectations low is in the quantity of it. We know Adena is coming back in episode 7, and we know there’s going a be a small hiatus after episode 10. It would be logical for Kadena storyline to be a fundamental part of those 4 episodes. But that’s when my expectations end.

In theory there should be another 8 episodes, this season is 18 total, for them to develop Kadena. Maybe finally have them happy together. I would love to see it, but I don’t know if we will. So in that sense I’m cautious and trying to not get my hopes up.

It think to be able to enjoy the show, it is necessary to let go of Kadena as the main reason to watch it, because the way she is still away while the men are always around, the way we never know how or when Adena is going to come back and for how long it’s tiring.

I didn’t get to this point of enjoying and embracing the show again in one day. I was mad at Season 2, I barely watched season 3. There was a mourning process and a shift of expectations necessary, and a change of showrunner for me to be able to give the show the benefit of the doubt again, at least to give Adena/Kadena proper closure, for them as for us, the fans. So I understand people not being able to fully enjoy it or being extra cautious. But all signs points to at least a meaningful storyline in episodes 7-10.

After Season 2, it’s probably better to have low expectations and being surprised. Than the opposite.


Your welcome. I have two cousins born on the same day as me too. One was just born last year, while my other cousin is 8 years older than me.

— asked by anonymous

Oh wow! I guess the odds are higher than I thought. That’s such a big coincidence though I’m still a little surprised by it every time. I guess there are just so many days in a year.