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Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

We know she is so sad and heartbroken, but right there she looks kind of
mad. She is probably beating herself up over what happened, all her
insecurities about not being enough for the people in her life coming
out to play.

And it’s not until Kara get’s there that she lets herself really break down, she lets herself let go and show how much she is hurting and Kara is right there to catch her.

It will hurt for a long time, but as long as she has people who love her
supporting her she will be able to, eventually, put it behind her.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

And Maggie. God, Maggie. Being surprised and taken aback by the kiss.
She has seen Alex struggle to come to terms with being gay just a few
days before and now she is kissing her. And yes, maybe a part of Maggie
knew Alex liked her, but she never expected Alex to actually act on it,
she was too new, too insecure still to try something like that.

always thought that when the time was right, maybe Maggie would make a
move, but she never dreamed of Alex beating her to the punch, and so

And she curses herself a
little for not moving away, for not seeing it coming, for not stopping
it. Cause she is not blind, and this isn’t her first rodeo, she saw that
kiss coming the moment Alex grabbed her arm but she couldn’t bring
herself to move away. The chance to feel Alex’s lips on her own even if just this one time was too tempting.

God, was it a mistake because now she is getting lost on it and she
knows she has to stop, but she doesn’t want to step out of this bubble and once she does she has to go back to just being a friend to Alex and she has to reject her, and she just wants to keep kissing her for one more second.

really, her heart breaks when Alex walks away. Because she didn’t
expect her to look that hurt, that broken. She figured it was only a
silly crush at most, a way to get that first kiss with a woman out of
her system. She doesn’t expect the doubts to start coming so fast, make
her think that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there than can
love her. But she can’t think about that.

And suddenly Danvers is no longer Danvers, she is Alex. Not the DEO Agent, not the coworker, not the woman she is seen
fight aliens. No, she is just Alex. Her friend, the girl that keeps
beating her at pool, and tries to cheer her up after she gets dumped.
Alex is the one vulnerable, the one she has seen struggle and doubt
herself but still be brave enough to explore this new reality. And she just knows that no
matter what happens, she can’t lose Alex.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

I’ve seen their kiss at least a dozen times since Monday, and I love it every single time.

being so brave and decided, just grabbing Maggie and turning her
around. I don’t think Alex was planning on doing that at all, she would
have been a nervous mess if she was.

was just so happy to share the fact she came out to Kara, and
then Maggie smiled at her, that big, bright smile of hers, and hugged
her. And god, hugging her just felt so good to Alex, the warm and the
love she could feel in that hug, just making her heart beat so fast.

And then watching her walk away, even if it was just going to be
for a minute, Alex couldn’t let it happen. She needed to feel Maggie
close to her again. Sweet, caring Maggie that had been with her every
step of the way. So she just does it.

She doesn’t think, for the first time in a long time she takes a chance. Maggie’s lips feel like they were made just to fit hers. And if she is forceful right
before, when she pulls Maggie around, once their lips meet is just
softness and care, and touching Maggie’s face like is the most precious
thing. Because for Alex, it is.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

“I’m so okay with it.”

Kara, you probably don’t know how much that sentence means to Alex. Her biggest fear is not being enough for you and for her family. That’s all she needed to hear from you and I’m so glad you told her. And I know you will be the best and most supportive sister ever.

You are probably off right now researching on the internet everything there is to know about lesbians so you can help her, and I love you for it.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

There’s really not much about this scene
that hasn’t already been said.

Every week this show just surprises me
even more. A month ago we were all hoping Alex was the queer character
they were talking about, but afraid at how the show would handle it.

weeks ago we where jumping in our sets at having an open gay women
casually express her interest in women, 2 weeks ago we started seeing
how things were changing for Alex even if she still didn’t realize, and
for once we could actually expect that this would play on-screen. One
week ago we saw Alex start coming to terms with her feelings, and doing
it in such a relatable and honest way that it shock us to the core.

This week we see Alex do one of the single most scary things there are, at least it was for me, come out to someone you love and that you are afraid will be disappointed in you for not being what you’ve been told all your life you should be.

You can see how scared she is, how new all of this is, how until
seconds before she starts talking she is probably trying to find a way
out. But she still does it. And it’s hard, and it’s painful, and it
doesn’t go perfectly, but that’s just how it is most of the time.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E06

I really enjoyed seeing Mon-El getting his ass kicked by Supergirl… I enjoy it even more when he is not in my screen, but if he is getting his ass kicked, that makes it better.

I think this is the firts time I see a women training a guy, instead of the other way around, and that’s a nice change.