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Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

Because I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.

at the end, when she tells Alex she needs her in her life, it’s almost a
plead. A plead for Alex to see that she does care for her, a plead for
her to understand that even if she can’t offer what Alex wants, she
still can’t bear the thought of not having her in her life.

then she is so hopefully, but also scared. Afraid that her friendship
is not enough for Alex, that she herself is not enough for Alex. And she
is afraid Alex is just going to go without telling her anything, that
her feelings mean so little they don’t even deserve an answer.

Alex is just torn, and she needs those extra seconds it takes her to
walk towards the door to process everything Maggie said. She is torn because she doesn’t want to imagine her life without Maggie either, without this amazing woman who has been so good to her, but Maggie’s words have her heart fluttering in her chest again and that was exactly what she wanted to prevent.


the fight was already lost, she can’t say no to Maggie. So she says
yes, even if she doesn’t know yet how she is going to survive being
around Maggie and not falling, even more, for her. And she says yes
because she hears Maggie too, and maybe Alex needs a girlfriend, but
Maggie needs a friend and she is going to be the best of friends even if it kills her.

Maggie is so relieved when she hears Alex invitation to pool.
She wants to beam, she wants to jump around, she wants to hug Alex, but
she doesn’t. Cause she knows this is hard for Alex, and she is so
grateful she is willing to let her be part of her life that she doesn’t
want to push it too fast, too soon.

So her smile is restrained,
but it’s there. Because she is genuinely happy, and even if she knows it
will be hard, she knows there may be more pain in the future for both
of them, at least they are both willing to try, and that’s a good start.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

Alex is trying to be strong, to be cold. Right now that’s the only way she knows to protect herself from the pain of seeing Maggie and knowing they can’t be what she wants them to be. But that hitch in her breath, that quick intake of air, shows that what Maggie is saying is getting trough.

But she needs to keep the cold facade, or she doesn’t know if she will be able to handle this conversation. Right now there is no middle ground for Alex, she either becomes an awkward emotional mess around Maggie, or she goes all cold even if inside she is a big pile of feelings for her.

And I feel bad for Maggie, because she is speaking her heart out and she doesn’t get any sign of encouragement from Alex. But she keeps going, she knows she needs to say this and hope for the best.


You’ve become really important to me.
And, um, I hope one day, you and I could be friends.

And there’s a small smile again, right after she says this. It’s almost apologetic. Like I know this is not what you want from me Alex, but this is all I can give you right now and I just hope it is enough, that you can understand me caring for you as a friend is just as important and that I need you just as much as you do.

But then, she not only thinks about it, she says it. She goes all out and tells Alex that she needs her in her life, that losing her will hurt her just as much as it will hurt Alex.

Because I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

Ok, let’s dive in into this speech, cause this speech is everything.

Maggie has been beating
herself up since the last time she saw Alex. She is beating herself up
because she did the last thing she wanted, hurt Alex, she is beating
herself up because Alex can’t see how much she cares for her, and she is
beating herself up because she just lost one of the most important
people in her life.

She decides she can’t let it end like this,
that she at least has to try. So she practices this whole speech time
and again in her mind. And as soon as she sees Alex, she feels like it
will be too much, that she won’t be able to say the things she wants to
say, but she pushes on.

I love Maggie so much, she is the most selfless and caring person I’ve
seen. Because even though she needs Alex, she wants her back in her
life, her first words are to assure Alex that her feelings are valid,
that she hear what she said and understands it. Just like every other
time they’ve talked, Maggie is always there to assure Alex that her
words and feelings are important.

I heard everything you said. I get it.
And if you never want to talk to me again, I’ll respect that.
I’ll disappear.

And then she goes on, to what she really came here to say. That she
cares for Alex. And is important for both of them that she says this.
For Alex, because we know how insecure she can be
about her place in the lives of the people she loves. But is also
important, because now Alex knows she is hurting Maggie too.

for Maggie, you can tell being this vulnerable is not something she is
used to or something she feels comfortable doing. She is fidgeting the
whole time, her smile after that “I care about you a lot”, obviously a
nervous smile she uses to protect herself, to deflect attention from her words.

So I think daring to give that step, to open up
is an important step for her as a character, but also, depending on
Alex answer, it will help her see that trusting and opening up is not
always a mistake.

But I don’t meet many people I care about. And I care about you. A lot.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

That small, quick smile that Maggie can’t control. Because she didn’t mean to let it out. She is on a mission, she needs to make Alex listen to her, but as soon as she sees her, Maggie’s brain short circuits for a second and she can only bask in the happiness of seeing Alex again. That half a second smile is the most natural, open, vulnerable smile I’ve seen from Maggie.

Is not her usual teasing smile, is not the understanding smile she gives Alex when she needs it, that smile is just for Maggie herself, that smile is just because seeing Alex makes her happy.

And her eyes, they are looking at Alex so softly, so full of love. Really Alex, who can you not see it.

This right here is the look of love.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

J’onn, I’m so mad at you right now. I hope you apologize to M’gann.

When she says “This is who I wanna be”, that’s just so powerful. M’gann keeps showing us that you can choose to be
better, you can choose to break away from a terrible past, from the
expectations other’s have of what you should do or be. And it will be
hard, and you have to fight and be strong but you can do it.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

I’m so happy Danvers Dad is back, if only a little suspicious about how
he managed to help them get out of there, but I’m still bitter about the
fact that in at least 2 or 3 days nobody bothered to look for Kara.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E07

Alex, that’s not why Alex, that’s not why !

Alex, that’s not why !!!!

Alex, that’s not why !!!!

Alex, that’s not why !!!!!!!

Alex, that’s not why !!!!!!!!

Alex, that’s not why !!!! ALEX, THAT’S NOT WHY… 

Alex can you fucking listen to Maggie!!!