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Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

So I was just casually rewatching the kiss scene from 2.08 (for the 16,135 time) and just saw this:

Right when Alex is saying she could use and old-fashioned
murder, Maggie get’s a huge smile. She is probably thinking “I made the
right choice coming here, this huge dork just finished a super hard
case and is already thinking about more work and I love her for it.”

I love these two dorks so much.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

No better way to finish this liveblog than with their kiss. This picture is from their second kiss, that I have to say I liked more than the first.

Maggie kissed Alex, it was soft and sweet and just a way to reassure
them that she meant what she had just say, that it was real.

the second kiss, when Alex kisses Maggie, is full of passion. It’s like
a switch goes off on Alex brain that tells her “yes, you can kiss her
just as you have wanted for weeks.” And she does.

Maggie is surprised at first, but she loves it. She embraces it. It shows her that yes, this was the right choice.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

And trough the whole speech Alex just listens. She is obviously confused. She thought they had gotten all the heartfelt speeches out of the way and where in some safe ground now were they both knew where they stood with each other.

doesn’t dare to get her hopes up even though I’m sure she has
fantasized at least once about Maggie telling her she has feelings for

Not even when Maggie outright says she wants to kiss her
does Alex react. She has talked herself into believing Maggie doesn’t
want her so much that she doesn’t react until Maggie actually kisses

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

A week later and I’m still fangirling
over this scene. I could probably spend all night talking about every
detail of it. From Maggie showing at Alex doors, to the pizza, and the
“Ignore the pajamas” “No they are cute” comment, and Alex willingness to always talk about work and aliens and murders. Everything, every single thing about this scene was gold.

But I’m going to focus on what is really important here: Maggie.

can imagine Maggie alone at her place debating with herself if she
should go talk to Alex. And she is still not sure it’s the best idea,
she is still afraid, but she can’t wait, she needs Alex, and she doesn’t
want to risk losing her chance with her.

could have just showed up, Alex wouldn’t have minded. But Maggie was to
nervous, she needed time to calm down, and she needed an excuse in case she wasn’t able to do it. So she went and got Alex favorite Pizza, because she already knows what it is.

And when she starts talking the contrast with her previous
speech to Alex is obvious. Both times she is vulnerable, but last week
you could tell she knew exactly what she wanted to say, she thought
about it, she had all the words clear before she started talking.

time? This time she just knows she needs to see Alex and tell her how
she feels, but she has no idea how. So she stutters, and pauses, and
just says what comes to mind in the moment, what comes to mind when she
looks at Alex. And what comes out is that life is too short for her to waste what they have and that she wants to kiss her, as simple as that.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

I don’t think I’ve ever seen J’onn smile while on his green martian form…it looks cute.

aside, I’m not surprised they found a “cure” for the turning into a
white martian thing. But it happened so fast, I think that’s a
development that should have at least a couple episodes to play out.

And I may be repeating myself, but the main lesson that J’onn should have from this is to have a better understanding of M’gann and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Or at least it hasn’t been show yet. I really hope we get some of that in next episode.


Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

Bonus Sanvers

When Alex says “How could I not like you,” in
such a sincere and genuine way, Maggie looks down briefly and she looks
almos shy. Alex compliments so freely and Maggie doesn’t seem to be
used to it, doesn’t seem to believe it, but Alex tells her how great she
is so much, she is starting to believe it is true.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

You can read Maggie trough the conversation. The way she looks at Alex while she is talking is really telling.

starts with some light banter, that’s just how she is and how her
relationship with Alex works. Then that “thank you”, OMG is so soft and
Maggie looks almost happy or at least content. Is like she has never had
anyone take care of her like Alex does, who knows, maybe she hasn’t.

as soon as Alex shifts into a more serious mood Maggie does too and
gives Alex all her attention. She looks so proud of Alex and happy for
her. Maggie is always genuinely interested in Alex well-being and this
is no exception.

Then there’s love, so much love, first is love
mixed with pride. Pride at how this amazing woman she calls her friend
has taken an experience that can be so scary and embraced it.

But at the end that look is the look of someone in love.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

Ok. Our first Sanvers scene of the day. And boy was it good. There’s two things I want to focus on, one being Alex speech, and second Maggie’s
face expressions trough it all. (And I’m not even going to mention
Maggie being topless in front of Alex or Alex patching up Maggie cause
that’s just too Fan Fic for me to deal).

You can see how
much of a relief it was for Alex to come out to her mom earlier, she
looks so calm and collected now when at the start of the episode she was
a nervous mess. The two most important people in her life know about
her new reality and accept it and support it, and that’s all Alex needs.

I’m sure that when it comes to Winn and J’onn and the rest of
the world, Alex will be so casual about it. Will just bring
it up as if it was nothing, because she has the support of the two
people who matter to her the most. And that confidence is what now
gives her clarity to thank Maggie.

I’m so glad she
thanks Maggie, because even if she hurt her at one point, Maggie has
been a huge support and only wanted what was best for Alex from the
start. She has been a great friend and I’m glad Alex can acknowledge
that fact even if she was hurt by the rejection.

in a way she is proving Maggie right, Alex needed time to get to this
point. Being fresh of the boat wasn’t about kissing women or dating
them, it was about Alex having time to fully accept the changes in her

And Alex crush/admiration fro Maggie is still
there. And I love how casually she mentions it. From what I can see, it
has no hidden intention. Alex accepts that Maggie only want’s to be
friends, she doesn’t pressure her, but she just doesn’t shy away from
telling her how amazing she thinks she is, and that’s just so Alex. 

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E08

I don’t blame Lena for being upset, for shutting Supergirl
out. She has been hurt so much. She had to move cities and change the
name of her company to try to get away from all the public judgement her
family gets, and she knows it’s not enough. She knows there will
always be a shadow over her and over her family name.

is one of the few people to not judge her because of her family, and
now she is telling her something terrible about her mom. Anyones first
reaction would be to deny it, to refuse to believe it, but the tears in her eyes show that she knows it’s true. She has worked so
hard to clean her family name, her mother being a villain is a
huge blow. And no matter what, no matter how much she doesn’t deserve it,
it’s still her mom and she loves her.

My heart breaks for Lena,
because after Supergirl leaves I’m sure she will sit alone in her
office and accept that what she was told it’s true. She
knows her mother, she knows what she is capable of, and this doesn’t
surprise her one bit. But oh how she wishes with all her might that it wasn’t.

Lex, her mom, both gone, lost forever to this alien
obsession, and her, more alone than ever and with an even bigger weight
on her shoulders now. She asks herself if it wouldn’t just be easier to
surrender, to conform to what everyone expects of her, she doubts for a
minute about what to do. But at the end, she is too strong to let this
break her. And Supergirl’s words keep ringing in her ears “Be your own
hero.” Lena laughs, she always has had to be.