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Supergirl Liveblog S02E09

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09

The hug! There are so many details in this hug. On one side, Alex is so relieved to get another chance. She knows she screw up big time, she knows she confirmed all of Maggie’s fears with what she did and she is afraid of losing Maggie. So when she gets the forgiveness she was looking for she grasps it with all her being, just like she is grasping Maggie. With her whole arms around her, surrounding her, holding on thight cause she doesn’t want to let go ever again.

Maggie? Maggie is relieved too. She cares about Alex so much, she
wants them to work so badly, but she has also been hurt too much in the
past. And unfortunately we all carry baggage from our past with us and
sometimes is hard to let go of it. But Maggie tries, and Maggie does it.
She listens, and she understands, and she makes sure they both are on
the same page, cause they have to be for this to work. And when she is
sure they are she surrenders into Alex arms too, she sighs and in that
sigh she is expressing all her fears but also the relief at being able
to let Alex in again.

But when she hugs, she is more tentative,
her arms don’t hold as tight. Not because she doesn’t love Alex just as
much as Alex loves her. Not at all, Maggie has already lost that battle.
But she is more weary, and she is still afraid. But she is not letting
that fear stop her again.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09


And Alex get’s it. She understands. And as hard as it is for her to explain to Maggie without revealing all of it, she does. I mean “weight of the world responsible”, she pretty much confirmed everything Maggie knew if there was any doubt.

And Alex voice is so soft, so vulnerable. This is not the way she usually expresses her feelings. More often than not she just blows up and lets everything out without countrol, but here she is making a choice and she knows she can trust Maggie. She knows Maggie will listen.

And Maggie does, and by revealing she knows about Kara not only does she get that out in the open, but also tells Alex “I undestand.” She tells her she understand why she did it, but it’s not enough for them to be ok. She also needs a commitment from Alex, she needs to know they will handle things better next time.

And that’s how relationships are built. You can’t stop yourself from making mistakes, but you can learn from them, you can avoid the same mistakes.

So when Alex tells her she understands too, that she has learned from this.Then Maggie can finally let go and let her in again.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09

Wow…ok, let’s go for parts. First “I don’t think you’re ready for this.”

That’s the first thing out of Maggie’s mouth when she walks in, and if it isn’t her trying to protect herself I don’t know what it is. She knows Alex asked her to come over to try to fix things, I mean why else would she try to talk to her? but she is also weary. What if she forgives Alex and then she goes and breaks her heart again?

So she states her doubts right away, let’s Alex know she is not going to make this easy on her, no matter how much she cares about her. But what gets me, what makes me love Maggie even more is that she doesn’t shut Alex down. She states what she needs to and then is open to hear Alex.

Then of course, Alex gives her a not good enough explanation and Maggie calls her on it. And God, I swear the world would be a better place if we all were capable of doing this. But again, she doesn’t shut Alex off, she gives her a chance to keep explaining. She is always open to listen to her. And if that’s not the epitome of a healthy relationship, I don’t know what is.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09


I’m a sucker for Supergirl speeches. As cheesy as they are sometimes I love them and they get to me every single time. Sometimes I roll my eyes a little but they still get to me.

And this is my favorite supergirl, not the one that has huge fights with great special effects. But this one, the one that inspires with her words, that inspires cause she is always willing to fight.

And really, not one of us can fly or has super strenght (as far as I know, at least) but we all can fight. Right now, with the situation in the United States as it is, that message is as important as ever. We fight, in any way we can, because:

“That’s what heroes do. They fight. They don’t sit and hide because it’s easier than getting involved.”

Supergirl Liveblog S02E09


I love that Alex just has to stare at Winn for one second and he immediately comes clean…he can’t hide anything from her and is cute.

Also, good on J’onn for reminding him that he has to take orders at the DEO, he seems to have too much freedom sometimes.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09

ugh this scene kills me. Even though I always knew they would fix things up by the end of the episode, it didn’t make it any less painful.

Just look at Maggie, she gets there worried but as soon as she finds out what’s happening she is so supportive, she is quick to switch from concerned and probably a little bit hurt Alex hasn’t talk to her in at least over 24 hours (going by Winn’s change of clothes and fading purple eye) to full on supportive.

But then Alex panics kicks in…and it’s all about timing, if Maggie
didn’t get there right at that moment maybe Alex would have had time to
calm down, she would have to apologize to Maggie for going radio silent,
but at least wouldn’t have hurt her that way. But Maggie is there,
because Maggie cares, because Maggie wants to be there with her, and
Alex is worried and she takes out her frustration on the only person she
can at that moment, Maggie.

She lets her fears get the best of
her, she is not used to putting herself first and as much as she has
resented that at times, the guilt of not being good enough, of not
taking care of Kara gets her.

And you can literally see how
Maggie’s heart breaks. With Maggie, everything is in her eyes and her
eyes are so sad. Just the day before she let herself believe she could
be happy, and today Alex is pushing her aside as if she is nothing, just
like a lot of people had done before.

And again, she always respects Alex choices. Alex wants her gone, so she goes even if it breaks her.

Supergirl Liveblog, Supergirl Liveblog S02E09

“I got a real nice and easy 10-37 come over the scanner last night, and the cops still haven’t found the suspicious vehicle. So I was, um… Just wondering if you wanted to…”

Look at James, trying to take a page off Maggie’s book and asking Winn out over criminal shenanigans…but sadly, that kind of pick up line doesn’t work as well on Winn as it does on Alex.

Winn guardian leviolsen will become stronger after this though, all couples have their issues.