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TBT Liveblog S02E05

TBT Liveblog S02E05

Something important that occurred to me regarding what is coming. I think the writers are trying to create an structure similar to season 1, and parallel the journey Kat and Kadena had then to the one they are having now.

It doesn’t match up exactly, but look at it. (some mild spoilers and speculation)

Episode 1

Season 1 – Kat and Adena meet, have a minor disagreement/tension, work through it and become closer.

Season 2 – They are together,
have a minor disagreement/tension, work through it and become closer.

Episode 2

Season 1 – Kat discovers stuff about herself and comes to terms with it (that she likes a woman). Adena and Kat become closer.

Season 2 –
Kat discovers stuff about herself and comes to terms with it (her reluctance to use labels and bring up her race).
Adena and Kat become closer.

Episode 4

Season 1 – There’s tension between Kat and Adena that leads to a declaration of love.

Season 2 –
There’s tension between Kat and Adena that leads to a declaration of love.

Episode 5

Season 1 – The start of conflict between the ship that will affect them for episodes to come. Episode ends in an angsty cliffhanger.

Season 2 –
The start of conflict between the ship that will affect them for episodes to come. Episode ends in a (angsty?) cliffhanger.

Episode 6

Season 1 – As a consequence of what happens on episode 5 Kat and Adena find themselves in a complicated situation with each other.

Season 2 – ? We don’t know yet, but based on the promos Kadena will have to deal with stuff set in motion on episode 5 and that may put them in a complicated situation with each other.

Episode 7

Season 1 – They are still suffering the consequences of their decisions on the previous episodes.

Season 2 – ? We don’t know yet, but by the episode synopsis this episode will bring a resolution to that 3 episode arc.

Episode 8

Season 1 – The start of them coming back together. They take a decision that affects their relationship and sets in motion the arc for the last 3 episode of the season.

Season 2 – ?

Episode 9

Season 1 – Kadena filled episode that strengthens their relationship.

Season 2 -? We know this is the road trip episode with the 3 girls, so I think we may not have much Kadena, or at all. I think the Kadena heavy episode will be moved to the season finale in season 2.

Episode 10

Season 1 – Kat makes a decision that leads her to be with Adena and sets things up for them to be together in Season 2.

Season 2 -? We know this is the finale, that they are in Paris and Adena is on it. I think it will be a Kadena heavy, instead of episode 9, and we will have important Kadena moments setting up their future looking into season 3.

This all to say again, that I think their relationship will only be stronger after episode 7/8 and then we are in for an emotional filled Season finale full of Kadena.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

It was easier to watch the second time. I want to make clear once again, that I’m not mad at the writers or the characters for the dream. I’m excited to see how this impacts Kat, I’m looking forward to see her navigate all these new feelings she is experiencing.

I love that this can give a lot of people a representation that they also need, they can see that you don’t have to figure everything out immediately. Most people don’t. It’s a process, and you may get messy, and you will get confused, and you will do dumb stuff sometimes. You don’t get into a relationship an suddenly everything is perfect, we all need to navigate different situations and we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them as individuals and together as a couple. And I’m all in for watching that.

I’m here for the sexy and the cute and the romantic moments. But I’m here for the angst and the growing pains too. As long as this show keeps doing justice to their characters, and they do, I can’t only enjoy being given this chance to watch it.

That said, I still don’t enjoy that scene. Not because I think Kat is gonna cheat (I don’t), not because I think dreaming about someone else is bad (I don’t think so) but because I’m an emotional mess. It’s my personality. I have such a deep connection to Adena and to Kat and Adena as a couple, that I feel committed to them.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I can’t enjoy the scene, no matter how objectively hot it may be, because I don’t have an emotional connection to both people on it.

And I actually think that’s another reason to congratulate the work The Bold Type has done with this ship and the show in general. They have been so good about making us care about them, that now we care too much.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

Guys, I’m not ready. Even though now I know It’s a dream, I still remember the reaction I had the first time I watched it. I think you can see it on my twitter. I literally screamed no at the top of my lungs and hyperventilated. The way they edited it was masterful. You can’t tell is a dream until it’s over, so you get all the emotional weight of it the same way Kat would.

I should be mad, cause they really almost killed me from a heart attack, but I’m in awe. I like TV that makes me happy, that’s like my main reason to watch TV, be happy and be entertained. I love cheesy movies, I love happy hopeful shows, like my favorite wlw movies are DEBS and I Can’t Think Straight.

But the reason I’ve connected to The Bold Type the way I had, is because it makes me feel things. It makes me feel happiness, yes, but I feel connected to this characters as if they were my friends, so I feel fear with them, and pain with them and that’s why I can’t wait every week to be part of this journey with them no matter what it brings, because like Kat, Jane and Sutton do it for each other, I know this show has their back. And that means they have my back. Cause all I want is for them to keep growing and for them to let me be part of that growth.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

In a superficial note, I love this hairstyle for Sutton.

I wonder what it feels like to be a Suttard shipper? Not that I’ve seen that many around, but I wonder. The show always leaves this lingering hope that they will get together, but they give them barely any screen time, at least so far this season, and they have no way of knowing if the show will eventually deliver.

It’s kind of how it usually is for us with our ships in other shows…and It’s so crazy to see things be the opposite way. Not complaining. Men, I love this show. I don’t think we’ve had so much wlw content on a show since like the L word.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

Have I said already that I love Angie? Cause I love Angie… and she is the first Latina character in the show you guys!!! Kat is killing it as a boss too already.

Both of them together? Safford won’t know what hit them.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

This storyline really didn’t go the way I thought it would go. And shame on me, because I should know better. I should know the show I’m watching by now, and the values they want to promote.

This show is about women supporting women. That doesn’t mean women won’t make mistakes, or won’t have conflict between them. But it does mean that they won’t go the easy route of having them fight over a guy.

In this small interaction they drive a strong message. Look out for each other, support each, lift each other up. Know what you are worth, know that you deserve better.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

I wonder if this was a little bit of foreshadowing. In these first 5 episodes of the season, Kat has been killing it. At work, in her relationship, with the discoveries and learning she has done about herself. While Jane has been a mess, lost her job, was rejected by Jacqueline, is scrapping by as a freelancer.

But next episode, things may change. For both of them. Jane may start making her way back to Scarlet while Kat may start struggling at least when it comes to her relationship with Adena.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

So this is silly, but I hate red wine and love rosé but was always a little embarrassed about it cause I know it’s not as fancy. Aisha’s love for rosé and now the show incorporating it it’s making me feel better about it. I’m embracing my love for rosé now.

TBT Liveblog S02E05

Confident Kat makes me weak. And look at Angie, she is not intimidated by those dudes at all either. Women owning the place is my sexuality.