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Why One Day at a Time is My Favorite Show Ever

I started watching One Day at a Time like I start watching most TV Shows. Someone on social media, or a website I follow, recommended it because it had lesbian representation. It was also about a Hispanic family, and as Latin myself those things together were an automatic sale. But I never imagined how much I would get to love this show, how perfect it was, and how deeply seeing myself represented, the Hispanic part, not the gay part, would hit me.

Representation Matter. That is a sentence that I’ve heard a lot of times. To the point it may even lose some of its power. But it’s true. I don’t think there’s a way to describe how impactful it was to look at the screen and not only see myself. But I saw my mom, my grandmother, my brother. I had never seen that on TV.

I think the show is masterful beyond its representation of Cuban-American and Hispanic families. The humor, the sensitive tackling of so many sensitive topics, and above all, its ability to touch us, hit us at our core of our feelings, and make us cry as much as it makes us laugh make it a must watch show for anyone. But for me, particularly, I want to talk about the parts of myself I see in it, and that had made it even more powerful.

With their animated episode coming out this week, no better time to reflect on how much this show means.

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