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Liveblog - The L Word Generation Q – Season 1 Episode 2

It’s time to get back to liveblogging, If I don’t find the time right now, during social isolation and stay at home, I never will. To be fair, I’m expending almost the same amount of time at home that I used to before. Meaning 99% of it. But I do feel like I knew to focus my energy on doing more of the things I’ve been meaning too.

Watching gay shows it’s at the top of that list.

I will be liveblogging Episode 2 of The L Word Generation Q this Monday April 20 at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

I’m doing something new. I won’t make individul posts during the Liveblog, but this post will start updating at that time. I added a fancy new plugin that should show when there are new posts, or you can just refresh and see every new comment on this same post. We will see how that goes.

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See you Monday!

The liveblog has ended.
  • And we are done for today. Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments!

  • Wait, wait. What’s happening here? This is the woman from the affair, right? But she is already divorced so it’s fine. Are they like getting together? Nice.

  • Ok. That’s better. And it goes with my favorite genre of women dancing together.

  • If Dani looked at me like that, I would be ready to move on and hold her. Like damn, it’s your engagement party, at least hold hands with her Sophie.

  • Ok this whole thing of having to be drunk to be with girls is not healthy, Finley. I know I’m stating the obvious. But not healthy.

  • Moms always know

  • Her dad didn’t show up but Sophie’s family loves her!!! I may be crying a little.

  • I know I’m biased! But I swear Dani looks at Sophie with so much love. While I’m not getting the same vibe from Sophie. I’m sure she loves Dani too, but it’s not showing in her eyes in the same way.

  • Sophie’s niece calls Dani auntie!!!

  • Oh! So Gigi cheated! And to think I felt sorry for her at the start of the episode when she was all upset about the breakup! No sympathy for you now Gigi.

  • Kudos to Alice, but I don’t think I would be able to do this. I know divorce happens all the time, people date other people, they re-marry, they merge fillings. They share custody. But I really don’t know if I would be able to handle it. And I guess, to be fair, it doesn’t seem like Alice it’s a 100% ok with it.

  • I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That moment is powerful and emotional…but that phone looks from like 15 years ago and is taking me out.

  • I swear this is not an excuse to post more Dani pictures! It doesn’t take a genius to see this hit home “My father never accepted me. To the day he died he called my partner, the woman I love beyond measure, he called her my friend.”

    And also, I think it gives another dimension to her decision to step out of her father’s shadow. It seemed ill-timed to Sophie that it came right with the proposal, but maybe it had more to do with it than we think. Maybe it’s a way to assert her independence also because of her father’s refusal to recognize Sophie as her partner.

    And yes, she could freaking tell Sophie that. Maybe is not conscious. Maybe she has a hard time letting her walls down even with Sophie to talk about stuff like this. Believe me, I know the type. I’m a sucker for them.

  • Ok, they are adorable. And someone is smitten.

  • just posting my girl Dani cause I feel like it’s been too long. Also, I feel that with two scenes in this episode they have shown me how good at her job she is. The Bold Type, a show I’ve been watching for 4 seasons, has never managed that with Kat or Jane even though they keep telling us how good at their jobs they are.

  • I was like Go Finley! you managed to get laid. Go you. But then…Guess only hooking up while drunk is not always the best idea.

  • Watch and learn Finley. You want to pick up a girl, just sit alone at the bar all moody, then wait for the perfect opportunity to come up for you to save a cute girl from a drunk guy. Easy.

  • Ok, I see now that Alice it’s not oblivious to the situation. Like she may not love taking care of kids, but she is willing too. But the complicated dynamic of her girlfriend and ex-partner comes in the way.

    Also, it’s dating a therapist really like these? Whit the “How are you feeling” “And I see how that is upsetting”, it would get on my nerves.

  • Oh god, I don’t know how to feel about Finley right now. I admit she can be sweet and endearing at times. But this is just so awkward and making me cringe. Maybe that’s the point for us to feel bad for her. I don’t know.

  • Finley seems a little desperate for friendship, companionship, acceptance. Or is it just me getting that vibe?

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